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Just finished all the quests. Love the unique item!
  • Angel December 2013
    It has 3 stats (Im assuming 1 of them is a constant and two of them are variables) the one constant stat is awesome! Going to come in handy for my dwarfal. (The two other stats, one is great... the other... Suits my mage better but Im not compaining!)

    I wont reveal it to those who havent seen it yet.

    Also. Pjuros, I noticed that when it said that I got the item... The item was Level 25 item. Yet... when I looked at it in the item menu... it was level 20. Is that meant to be that way or is it a bug? Cause im assuming that if it was a level 25 item the two variable stats would of been higher? Either way. I love it.

    P.s. thanks for using my idea. =P
  • pjuros December 2013
    It is fixed now. Maximum level for any item is 20.

    I'll try to add some more unique items, so repeting quests will have some point.
  • Angel December 2013
    That would be good. I look forward to it.
  • LPD688 December 2013
    Really? I wasn't impressed. I'm trying to figure out how that works to any advantage. There are far better items that have dropped for me. Can't really say much else without identifying the item.
  • Angel December 2013
    The item is at max level with great stats plus one unobtainable stat which does wonders for any of the units. But you're not
    Impressed? Then dont be. Use a different item that suits you better and stop complaining.
  • LPD688 December 2013
    Who's complaining Angel? And who annointed you forum police?
  • delfonic December 2013
    I understand its an otherwise unobtainable modifier, but I agree with LPD688. The mod doesn't help any of my units to any large degree. It'd only be useful for my Dwarfal since everyone else is stationary on my team, and he can move the perfect amount.(anyone can look for your previous post about said modifier) Regardless its a good start to a great nnew aspect to the game

    I believe you love it that much more, Angel, because it was your idea.
    Almost through the quests for a 2nd time. Hopefully there's new items by the 3rd go-around. Perhaps a rare item could have a 4th modifier, or for sure 3 that are above the usual max for whatever stat(I.e. over 16 for a resistance) or a stat that isn't usually on boots or whichever item in the future. Like damage/melee/magic on boots. :)