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Thank you to Pjuros for the new Dragon Quest 1.5 (Now with Quests!) Post Questions/Gratitude here.
  • Angel November 2013
    As always, something new to do. So far, looking great, the screen looks better, more cleaner in my phone to use.

    ... The Quest feature looks great and has the ability to be expanded in future updates with more quests with harder challenges, so looking forward to that. Not to mention the 1.5 now add's Fire Rain and other similar attack to attack EVERY member of the team. (Be aware in the Fire Dungeons lower levels) as well as adding attacks being randomized in battle to the attacker.

    So far, in every battle, rather than the top, every attack seems to be placed to my Archer (The third one) Is this because of the new A.I. Monsters? Have you noticed them getting 'smarter' or moving better?

    Leave comments/questions here and have fun playing! :3

    Oh and for fun, what quest are YOU on right now? Currently, I'm on the 5th one. (Nothing special, just taking my time. :3)


  • delfonic November 2013
    The ranged/magic all seem to attack my Elf Commander, and as far as melee they attack the closest except if my assassin is near they attack him rather than Dwarfal. Not sure if its defense based or what. Just added extra magic resist to Elf, he doesn't take much damage. Only 75 per fire attack by the dragon lol.
  • Metalfist November 2013
    Ranged attacks go for your archer or mage who has the lowest hit points. Their melee attackers first attack the closest person, and then if there is a choice, they go for the one with the fewest hit points.

    My strategy has been to make sure my mage had the fewest hit points so the enemy targets him. Then I target their archers first, since my mage can absorb the magical attacks with very little damage.
  • delfonic November 2013
    So, has anyone reached an end to the quests? If yes don't spoil the number and final quest. I'm up to 29 now.
  • Angel November 2013
    You did the same as me, Metal. The good thing is every Magic attack in the game on my Mage except for the Dragon Boss does 0 or minus damage, so the whole team basically annihilates the enemy before they even get close. I take maybe one bit of damage per battle and that's on my Dwarfal as he has 900+ HP and a Defense gear. Not to mention the mage not only absorbs magic attack but dishes out the magic for 40MP and Heals 38MP in the process. Can't complain at that. 2MP for an attack. =P

    Edit: Also, hit level 25. Huzzar.