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Dragon collector RGP v1.5 - release
  • pjuros November 2013
    Version 1.5 has been released on Google Play. New features:

    - added quests (simple quests, just to make game more interesting)
    - better enemy AI
    - fix: mass effect spells target caster
  • Lithos November 2013
    Once again...I love the updates....I think this will also help the newer players with getting a real feel for the game, and I can see the quests becoming a major factor as more updates are added....thanks Petar, you rock!!!!
  • z__ November 2013
    Yeah the quests will be great for folks starting out. Can't wait to see how hard they get.
  • delfonic November 2013
    So far awesome! Up to quest 14. Curious as to how many there actually are. Since the update, though, it seems like if a monster blocks one atk or spell, it tends to block multiple. Had a dragon block all atks one round. :L I'm sure I'm seeing something that. Isn't their, but it sucks. Lol

    Wish more items with 3 modifiers would drop more frequently. Maybe make it so once you reach lv20+ the chances increase for multiple modifiers. Since better items after that would only be extra mods. Just a thought though.

    Keep up the fantastic work pete!¡!¡!
  • Xyzzy December 2013
    Hey Petar!
    Been a long time. Gotta start over lol.
    Love the quest idea. Love the new game play. Awesome!
  • cbreidenbach87 December 2013
    I'm still waiting for the Dragon boss that takes up the whole enemy side of the field :-D
  • cbreidenbach87 November 2015
    So how does this game still work? I assume someone is paying a server hosting fee as this is an online game? Petar, you must still be there somewhere!