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Woooo, just hit Level 24! :3
  • Angel November 2013
    ... I know, nothing special, but I'm proud I have and I'm chasing level 25. (Can't wait to see some more levels implemented soon with new items/new places and level 100 units + new Units!)

    I think I'm the highest active player on Server 2. :3

    What level are you currently?
  • Tentacle November 2013
    Lvl 20, Server 3, 2400 wins, 0 losses.
  • Angel November 2013
    That's cool. I just hit 3250+- wins (0 Losses of course) and I'm trying to catch up on this guy. Originally, I was like 6 thousands EXP behind him and then I leveled passed him and now I'm 15,000 EXP above him but I can't seem to catch up on the Winning Streak. (He's 1st, I'm second) and he's like 500 ahead of me. Even though I keep getting More EXP ahead of him, he still seems to keep being able to increase the distance of Wins/0 Losses in front of me and I'm just hoping he 'derps' and dies. =P
  • Metalfist November 2013
    Probably the reason why you are ahead on experience but not on wins is I don't pick up stars and just get all my experience from battles. Not sure if this is the right strategy or not, but I figure the battle experience it's better since then the characters also get experience and level up as well.
  • Angel November 2013
    I don't go out of my way to pick up stars. If they are in my way or next to a potion I'll pick them up but they give a measily 4 - 9 EXP. There is no way that that would account for thousands and thousands ahead.
  • Tentacle November 2013
    @angel maybe you are doing to many dungeons? Outside the kill rate per movement can be higher than in a dungeon. BTW: just hit lvl 21