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+Speed Shoes (Item idea).
  • Angel November 2013
    I would (Personally) like to see a VERY rare shoe/footwear be introduced to the game that gave you a movement bonus. As much as I love my Archer, the 1 movement speed it has is pathetic and if it gets into some trouble/cornered, I would love if it ACTUALLY had a chance to escape, rather than be killed/almost killed and I then have to waste a ton of medium potions on him just to battle him again.

    I'm not talking anything over powered like 10+ movement speed because that would be ridiculous. I was thinking more along the lines of it ONLY being available (As we now have random item generation and the possibility of having three RANDOM stats on the item and obviously, getting 1 is pretty common, two is rare and three is super rare (From what I've experienced so far)) for the highest leveled items (At the moment that is 20) and ONLY available on a SHOE/FOOTWEAR item (So it wouldn't be abused) and to make it so it is a VERY rare item to get, the + 1/2 Speed Bonus would ITSELF be Super Rare + it would have to be ONLY available on a +3 stat gear and that would make it Super rare as well. Combining those odds to make it an extremely rare item to find.

    For example, if you found a Level 20 footwear, it would have to have (For example...) +10 HP Leach +9 Mana Leach +1 Speed.

    What do you guys think?
  • pjuros November 2013
    soon there will be some improvements on battle mode. More units in different tactical formations and shoes with +speed bonus would be nice addition to game mechanics. This is going on TODO list.
  • Angel November 2013
    Hehe, thanks. I'm glad you like it.

    ... Would love to see it as a VERY rare item and maybe as well add some more 'Super Rare' stuff to the game as well. I would love to see maybe Unique Weapons, PVP Gear, maybe even some one of a kind stuff for the server for doing certain things. I dunno. But yeah, looking forward to it. :3