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unit xp
  • Tentacle October 2013
    Hi All,

    I think if a unit dies in battle, it should not get the 1xp for the battle. What do you guys think?
  • Angel October 2013
    Um, well, my Units don't die often. When they do, it's usually my fault for not giving MP to my mage OR for some reason I get extremely unlucky and miss tons of shots in a row and they attack my weakest units for some reason. Apart from that, they don't die any more.

    ... As for them not getting 1 EXP... I don't see the point of posting this, it's JUST 1 experience point. That's it. Nothing much at all. I couldn't really care less if it got it or not. It's so measly small, I'm confused to why you're even posting this.
  • pjuros October 2013
    Hm, what if it looses 20xp for every death ... or 2 x unit level .... ?
    Unit level 20 dies it gets -40 xp points ?
  • cbreidenbach87 October 2013
    That will hurt New players unfairly, I think. I know when I made a new character aside from my maxed one, those units died a lot, especially the melee guys, that changes once you get some better equipment but I think a death penalty just hurts new people/characters more
  • pjuros October 2013
    ok, than all units above lvl 10 if they die they lose (2 x unit lvl) xp points ?
  • Tentacle October 2013
    (2 x unit lvl), that is quite a lot and will make unit leveling a lot harder if you are uncautious.
  • cbreidenbach87 October 2013
    In the mood for implementing punishments are we petar? A penalty for death isn't an uncommon thing, what if you had it instead for when you lose a battle and get sent back to city? Or a unit death penalty, that would be something that would happen more often certainly, it all depends on if you're thinking people need to have xp hit me or less frequently at that point
  • Lithos October 2013
    I am all for any type of penalty or anything that makes the game more challenging. As Angel has stated, he rarely has any party member die. I too have a low death rate now that I am a higher level player, and altough I still use ALL my stamina daily, I think something that made the game more strategic would be helpful. Since development time is a key factor, I believe the damage allowed per hit points was a great idea, as it is easily implemented and allows for more strategy. There could also be a decrease in damage done directly after the oppent blocks or an increase of damge done after a critical hit. I am not sure how much time that would take...but the main point is to make the game harder or more strategic for the higher level players.
  • LPD688 October 2013
    I have to chime in and put my two cents here. Fix the cheat to keep a 100% win rate and then consider implementing punishments for loses. I find it amazing there are so many that have not lost all units in battle at earlier levels. Those that are beyond level 15 with no complete loses have cheated. Or better yet, set a perimeter if a player gets in a battle is going to lose and recovers their player they lose all purchased advanced units and is docked 5 levels.
  • Metalfist October 2013
    LDP688: I can call bullshit on your statement. If there is a cheat, I agree by all means it should be fixed, but I can tell you that I am level 22 and have not lost yet.
  • pjuros October 2013
    First damage decrease for low HP will be implemented and more units in battles. Than will see how often units die and implement some kind of penalty for unit death.
  • Tentacle October 2013
    I have to agree with metalfist: it is absolutely possible not to lose a fight! I don't even know what this cheat is supposed to be, and a good 2200 wins stand against 0 losses.
  • z__ October 2013
    It is easy to go through and not lose. ... when you know how to play. Just throwing that out there. Not sure where the developement balance should  lie between challenging old timers and keeping it approachable to new players that show up. But it's the other side of any change that should be considered.
  • Metalfist October 2013
    My two cents: I may not have lost, but especially with the random item generation, it's kept my interest as I keep searching for the next great sword or bow or book or whatever. Z_ raises an excellent point that you don't want to scare off the young ones for the sake of us old codgers, so I wouldn't go too dramatic with the changes trying to make things tougher. The idea of a poison attack, or special abilities gained at certain levels is a neat idea.
  • Xyzzy December 2013
    I'm down with penalty for dieing. Don't think it should be too extreme tho. Being a re-noob, I've seen both sides of z__ and Metalfists thought on balance between difficulty for vets and approachability for noobs.
  • Angel December 2013
    4450+ wins so far and no deaths yet.

    For new players who go into boss battles or don't have their EQ sorted right for battles will die a few times IF not careful. Vets won't. Well, active vets anyway. All my 5 mains are level 75 with 10,000+ EXP each which means when the level 100 level comes out they will be well on there way to max that out or completely leveled again, so that's another 25 Bonuses for the characters as well, plus, all my EQ is 17 - 20 in terms of level. I need to get some better 19 - 20 gear with certain attributes, but finding the perfect one is not easy.

    EDIT: I don't know how I missed that post by LPD688, but me and Metalfist have over 4,000+ wins with no losses. We are not cheating, we are just careful in battle. Always 100% HP and Mana. No one is cheating.
  • Xyzzy December 2013
    Always 100%. I go in at 80%. Get some close calls. Lvl suggestions for Dungeons/Caves?