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  • Lord_Malice October 2013
    On my character Malice, When I click on my inventory button the game crashes and I am not able to use the feature. This happened about a month ago and I have a massive build up of items that I cant sell or browse through. Is it reversable? Or do I need to start a new character?
  • pjuros October 2013
    You can try recovery procedure:

    1. Go to 'Settings'->'Current recovery keys' and write down your recovery keys
    2. Reinstall game (uninstall and install again)
    3. Go to 'Settings' -> 'Recover player to game slot x' and enter your recovery key
  • Lord_Malice October 2013
    I just followed your advice and recovered my account
    and it still crashes when trying to load my inventory.
  • pjuros October 2013
    Please send me your playername and server so I can test it.
  • Lord_Malice October 2013
    Malice and server 03
  • pjuros October 2013
    It was error on server side. Now it is fixed and your inventory is working.
  • Lord_Malice October 2013
    THANK YOU!! It works again!