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mmorpg functions
  • z__ October 2013
    I see the game is still going on and has some cosmetic updates while I was away for about a year. Repeating an old suggestion because it's what the game really needs to take off. Player trading and in game chat.

    Hi petar!
  • pjuros October 2013
    I have that in plan. But as I mentioned before, with very limited dev time things are going slow. Thanks for suggestion.
  • z__ October 2013
    I hear you petar and I know the feeling. It's a hard balance to push through things to try and keep it fresh for existing players, while working on harder tasks like that. But you could do something easy for in game chat to start. There is already some data linking on the map. ... you click a player and bring up their name lvl and x y. Why not give folks a simple post board to start with? Just saying.

    One of the big attractions is Dragon collector has fun game play despite lacking fancy bells and whistles that other games have. Gameplay is king. That's why I'm back after a year hiatus. So it doesnt have to be some perfect fancy pm system to start.

    So a personal post wall and maybe even a world chat that also operates as a post wall seems facially simple from a database perspective and would really add to the player camrederie as we patiently bide our time for the long awaited clans.

    Otherwise, to balance my critique, you are obviously working on something worthwhile. I wouldn't have picked up the game again otherwise. :)
  • pjuros October 2013
    I'll try to put something simple for start and upgrade with time.