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Random item generator
  • LPD688 October 2013
    @Petar as we've enjoyed the new update now for a bit I've noticed the random item generator has not generated any items to include a defense bonus. I've seen plenty of melee range and magic magic defense bonuses, but none with the straight defense bonus. My question is does the random item generator generate any items with straight defense like hell shield or defender stand? Also have seen plenty with with additional block to +9. Are the items generated limited to +9 and +10 bonuses? The only items I've seen generated with a significant bonus addition are boots jewelry helmets and a few weapons making only a few changes to better items. I've seen new armor with far more hit points but given the fact defender stand adds a +5 defense bonus same with hell shield it would be silly to give that 30% addition to defense up for a small gain in hit points. I take it this was intentional for balance?
  • pjuros October 2013
    Only shields and armor can get 'defence' bonus. Defence is third attribute with maximum value 1/3 of item level, so in theory you can get shields and armor with up to +7 defence (max item level is 20). But it will be very hard to get them, you need high level item with 3 attributes ... welcome to looting :-)

    Hell shield and defender stand are some of the strongest items from old pre-generated item list. And pre-generated list was with only around 200 items, so it was easy to roll good item.