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The Mage and it's Magic Attack Power. Is it capped at 160?
  • Angel October 2013
    Hey there, love the new update! Looking forward to more!

    My questions is this though. The best mage/magic user in the game, Oranginus before the update seemed to have his damaged maxed out at 160 for a normal attack. (When Crit, 240 - 260) but after the update, I have increased his Magic Attack to 43. It's higher than any other character I have yet I STILL only can manage 160 damage at max and I don't understand why. I should be doing 200+ easily yet it won't go any higher.

    Any reason why this is?
  • pjuros October 2013
    Currently all damage modifiers are limited to 200% of base damage.
  • Angel October 2013
    So, no matter how hard I try to get better weapons for any of my players, they won't ever increase because it's been set at a limit? Isn't that a bit silly? I mean... My mage (Which I tested) with Magic 20, does 160 damage STILL to the enemies, so anything else I add to attack is a waste of time because it doesn't contribute to the damage. That goes to stats as well. Whats the point of increasing the attack/magic if I'm already at the 'max' you've set. I'm basically wasting my time adding that extra Magic Point to the stat because I could have 500 and it would STILL deal 160.

    Why is that? I don't understand why you have limited our damage output. Isn't that the point of this game? To get stronger, so we don't use as many potions as we used to and that we are able to get stronger and be able to get through monsters/dungeons easier? Because... At the moment, all my characters on my team have 34 - 40 attack/magic attack and there is still room to massively improve because YOU have increased the level limit and all that, but you're saying no matter how much we level/add stats/get better weapons, our damage won't ever go up.

    Oh, and considering my Dwarf guy can crit for 450+ sometimes and that was when he had 20 attack, the fact that my mage can't even hit half of that when it's magic attack is DOUBLE that, seems stupid. o_o
  • Tentacle October 2013
    Got to say, I feel similar. What reason is there for unit-levelling if it makes no difference? Think this should be changed...
  • steveyD_1 October 2013
    And while on the subject, I always wanted to ask about attack power. Dwarfal always od's the assassin and his crits can top 500 - but his attack points were always far less than the assassin' there another set of hidden stats that each unit has? If not then how is damage calculated?
  • Angel October 2013
    Stevy. I was so tempted to get the assassin unit because of the dual wielding ability because +10 damage in each hand with the right weapon, that and some good luck with the stat points when you level, the assassin would be amazing. But... Because of the limits ive learnt and JUST confirmed with this thread... The character is useless and with the assassins limited equipment slots it just isnt worth it. So, as it stands. Dwarfal, the three archers and the orange mage are my team and it works well. Distance to kill almost everything and anything that gets through... Dwarfal hits them for 200-250 or if im lucky to crit... 350-500.
  • LPD688 October 2013
    And that's why my mage has no magic equipped items except his staff. Defender stand and hell shield are the best pieces of armor because the extra 30% damage reduction better than the additional 4% to block...etc. The archers are almost almost identical in damage unless the ranger gets a strong hit on specific targets. The assassin is absolutely worthless. The Knight is a tank. Vexa I'm still figuring out damage rates and defense bonuses. She is not the tank I'd hope she would be. I'm believing she has scewed defensive bonuses. The game has come a long ways and that's nothing to complain about. It's annoying, but the random item generator will keep things interesting until he has time to make changes.
  • pjuros October 2013
    @Angel - magic attacks are ranged, so you can't compare them with melee attacks of Dwarf. Also, there is difference in magic of attacker and defender that counts. If you are attacking with magic 20 and target has magic 15 you will only get 5*5%=25% damage increase, so there is point to increase your magic, when PvP comes it will make huge difference. Max of 200% damage increase is there to limit disbalance of the game. It's very hard to predict what is max level of unit stats.

    @steveyD_1 - there are no hidden stats. Every hit calculation is explained in help section of game. Every attack has base damage and it gets modified depending on attacker and defender stats.

    Every change in game (like recent max unit and skill level) adds little disbalance to game mechanics. Players input in forum is crucial for me to make things as balanced as possible. I will put on forum some voting posts to change some calculations and to discuss new unit.
  • Angel October 2013
    My Mage hits EVERYTHING at 160 damage. Even monsters with resistance to magic. There is only one monster at the moment in which it DOESN'T and that's a green mage enemy. So every hit is 160, 160, 160... 160. Nothing higher, nothing less and it NEVER goes higher. I checked and gave my self 21 Magic attack and I STILL hit 160 everywhere. Then added on all my other Magic + gear to 43 and what do you know... 160 still.

    So yes... The Magic stat is pointless because that's 23 points + any more I get which is higher on the equipment I find which is USELESS.
  • steveyD_1 October 2013
  • pjuros October 2013
    Ok, I'll check that out.
  • Angel October 2013
    Any word back from you, Pjuros?
  • pjuros October 2013
    1. magic damage is calculated regarding difference in magic of attacker and defender, maximum double of base magic damage (read help for exact formula)
    2. magic resistance of defender is aplied

    So, enemies with resistance to magic are hit with less than 160 damage.

  • Angel November 2013
    So, my Archers can easily hit over 200 - 500 with normal/crits. My Dwarfal can hit 200 - 300 normal and 300 - 550+ when criting... But the 'best' mage in the game will only hit for 80 and then 160 once doubled and only 240 when it VERY RARELY criticals?

    ... You so need to adjust it to make it on par with the other units because you have literally made 20+ Magic (I have 45 now) COMPLETELY POINTLESS.

    Because of that, there is no reason to increase the Magic stat once it hits 20 because the Magic attack will ALWAYS be a constant of 160 (Except for the rare occasion when you meet an enemy (WHICH THERE ARE ONLY LIKE 2 OF *TOTAL*!) which has Magic Resistance and then will hit for 100 - 140. I would switch the mage for someone else, but I can't because I want the extra 'Ranged' damage for monsters for eary attack and for the level 23 Dragon Fly which is +50 resistance to range and melee.

    You've told me to 'read the formula' like three times now and I have, the Formula works, but that's NOT the problem, the probelm is the Formula needs to be CHANGED because not only should the best mage in the game be on par with the other 'best' units (The Archer and the Melee units) but you've basically made it completely moronic to level up the 'Magic' stat because from 20 - 40+ there is NO damage increase and it will ALWAYS hit for 160 unless it misses, or gets a VERY rare Magic resistance enemy which actually affects the Magic attack and in the past 3 levels I've seen 1 and it gets killed in two hits anyway.
  • pjuros November 2013
    If your unit has 45 magic, and defender has 43 magic you will get only +10% damage increase. So, there is point in having magic above level 20. Granted, most of the current monster units have low magic and that is thing to consider, but when PvP comes into play it will be very important.

    Couple more things:
    - you are comparing dwarfal (melee) attack and magic attack which is ranged .... dwarfall needs to make 1(2) turns before attacking, that is 1(2) magic attacks before dwarfall even gets to enemy
    - magic units have higher melee damage than archers, so they have that going for them
    - there must be some kind of maximum value, it would be very boring to have +50 magic and ability to kill every enemy unit with one magic attack. Invest in some other attribute, make your unit strong in other fields.

    It is very hard to optimize game for every player level and feedback from players is very valuable ... thanks for that :-)
    I'll take this into consideration and make some changes in the future.

    One more info. Whole thing with weapon damage is done wrong way and it should be redisigned (weapon damage should be defined per item, not per unit) and it will be changed some time in the future.
  • Angel November 2013
    "(weapon damage should be defined per item, not per unit) and it will be changed some time in the future."

    You lost me here... Do you mean that that (For example) say my Dwarfal attacked an enemy. The Attack I do and the damage that is done should be calculated by ONLY the weapons attack power (The "Per Item" bit you mentioned) and NOT the stats we increase? (+Attack).

    Shouldn't it calculate both and then come up with the number of damage?


    Also, thanks for the replies. Can't wait for the next update. :3

    OH, one other thing. On the Scoreboard page with 'Server stats' It says 2 people have Dragon Collector RPG version 1.5 when the rest of us are on the 1.33 (Is this a test server for you for the next update?) Or am I missing something here?
  • pjuros November 2013
    2 players are testing 1.5, It will be out very soon.

    Currently every melee unit has predefined damage, but damage should be defined per item (sword, axe, bow, ...)