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Will you be raising the Player Level/Troop Level/Higher Item level/Skill Level (Above 3)?
  • Angel September 2013
    Hey there, Pjuros.

    As a huge fan of your creation I have been playing Dragon Collector RPG now for just over a year and I play it several times a day (Obviously when my steps regenerate naturally OR I feel like spending a few large Stamina Potions to complete a few dungeons) and I'm probably one of the most active players in game. I have seen your previous posts about the fact that you're a VERY busy person and you dont have as much time as you'd like to update the game and I understand that and respect that to no end. Although, as a huge fan of the game and one who has just hit 21 and realising that the level cap for the player (25) is somewhat fast approaching me in the near future I had to ask (and post this obviously) a few things that I want/need to know about the future uodates of the game (If there will be any at all). If you could reply WHENEVER POSSIBLE, that would be great and would put my mind at rest and I'm sure that it will be of great interest to the other players of this truly unique and addictive game.

    . The players maximum level is 25 and although it is 25, I've seen a few older players carrying on playing getting more EXP (as I'm sure that thdy thought it might be updated in the future.) and I'm wondering if you will ever increase the maximum player level to say... 50? Or something like that. If so... Do you have any idea when you would do this and if not... Would you consider doing it because I would hate to see the answer be no and realise that playing the game any more would be pointless.

    . As the players level is a maximum of 25, the troops (or fighters/characters) have a maximum of 50. Like the question above, will we be seeing a level cap rise in our troops at all in the future? If so, (like above) is there any time frame on this? If not... Will you consider this or do you have any alternative plans fo this.

    . As I'm only a level 21, I'm not sure what the highest level of item there is. I've currently only seen some at a high point of 19 and if there are any higher (up to 25 I'm assuming if there are, that's the highest level they would be) will we be getting any more higher level items? Again, are you planning this at all for the future at all and if so... Any time frame to when you would be doing this?

    . Skill points after leveling up are a great feature and have really come in handy for a few things. After updating a single skill three times you are no longer allowed to update it more ALTHOUGH on the skill it looks like it can be as it tells you the next level (the fourth level) and what the outcome would be if you did. I would love to go back to some of the.old skills I finished because some are more useful than others for the party I have and work with so my question is... Like the above, is there any plan on unlocking these further down the line or is it something you had not thought about? If so, (again =P) any plans for this in the future and is there a time frame for this at all.


    Well, that's all of my questions that I had floating around my head and I apologize about it being so long, it's just that... K love this game a lot and it would be a shame to see it eventually just go POOF and disappear into the abyss of nothingness. So... If at anytime you check the Forum and see this, I would be very grateful for your reply on my questions and if you are planning anything for the game and its something not on what Ive spoken about or ranted on about then I would love to hear about it!

    I hope life is treating you well and I look forward to hearing from you. All the best,

    - A dedicated fan.
  • pjuros September 2013
    Thank you for your interest in game. Here is some info on future updates. They will come in similar order to this:

    1. random item generation, max item level 20 and max 3 atributes per item (this week)
    2. increased max unit level to 100 (this week)
    3. increased max player level to 30
    4. increased max skill level to 4
    5. update to game (better enemy AI)
    6. new dragon (forest dragon)
    7. new dungeon with bone dragon
    8. new unit (mage with strong melee attack, wielding sword and staff)
    9. quests
    10. more different units, 7 units in battle, battle tent, custom battle formation ...... and much more :-)
  • steveyD_1 September 2013
    Fuck yes!
  • Lithos September 2013
    LOVE LOVE LOVE., The changes Pjuros !!!!!