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HP while moving idea
  • DryIce June 2011
    I was thinking on the can, what if the amount of HP you generate while moving was based on current food amount.
    Math : (max food)\100 = HP generated
    For example : if your max food was 305 your first move would generate 3 HP. Your total food would then be 299 so your next move would only generate 2 HP. Down to 0 HP when you run out of food still.
    Then food becomes a much more valuable item to aquire on the map.
    And you could add a skill for max food, say 1 point gives you +50 max food.
  • twitch_lol June 2011
    Great idea. It makes food more disirable and heals u more and allows for more battles daily.
  • thorg June 2011
    Thought about this already, completely agree with your idea.
  • Really like this one, though you might round >= 50 up, so lower levels get move heal at all. As well makes juicy steak much more valuable.
  • Yarix June 2011
    I like it too. Nice enhancement, not unbalancing and makes perfect sense game-wise
  • pjuros June 2011
    Nice idea, I'll try to put it in game, maybe with some modification or new skill.
  • Xyzzy June 2011
    I like that idea. I still eat all steaks I come across. I always liked the idea if increasing max movement outside of lvling.
  • DryIce June 2011
    Thanks Petar!
  • twitch_lol June 2011
    Woot time to buy lots of juicy steak
  • Axhole July 2011
    That sounds awesome :) its crazy that there's such a cool game designer who will actually talk and hear ideas directly from the players. Love this game, don't give up.

    Ps, maybe a 'donation' area where I can give you money and earn tokens to buy skill points or gold or health? Just an idea.
  • Eightz July 2011
    if you click on about instead of start or forum there is a donation link. It doesn't give yoyu tokens or anything though.