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  • draggarf June 2011
    Got teleported from town and completely surrounded by trees. Haven't been able to move at all for 2 days now.
  • twitch_lol June 2011
    Email petar. Don't think an uninstal will help. U could maybe make a new char and recver ur old might rese u. Just remember to right down u code and it is case sesitive
  • pjuros June 2011
    Solved it.
  • draggarf June 2011
    Fixed in super fast fashion too! Kudos to petar! Thanks mate!
  • twitch_lol June 2011
    We need pokemon skills like headbut and cut. So we can sut down trees and headbut them for items and battle 1 on 1s
  • dracarys June 2011
    Lol nice you just want to cut your way through a forest instead of walking arround it if you do add a "cut" make it cost to use it maybe 2 or 3 moves
  • twitch_lol June 2011
    Well yeah it would cost something wouldn't be unlimited
  • BrandenF June 2011
    Or grow emo trees that cut themselves!
  • twitch_lol June 2011
    El Oh El
  • thorg June 2011
    Traverse any tree at a cost of 5 moves.
  • nyteshaid September 2011
    Petar please help! I just had the same thing happen to me on server 1.
  • pjuros September 2011
    Done. Removed 1 tree to free up map.
  • Xyzzy September 2011
    Happened to once. Never thought to email Petar. I rode it out until xx:49. Only a few minutes so it wasn't too bad.
  • Raisin September 2011
    Lol that's funny. I've seen gold stuck in the trees like that. Couldn't get to it. I want my money back hehehe