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@petar : acc recovery
  • Vincendra July 2013
    Hey petar. Since I lost my old phone and with it my rec key, could you priv. msg me here in the forum or this acc e mail the rec key of the player "vincendra" (think server 3) . Ty in advance.

  • pjuros July 2013
    There is no player named "vincendra" in game database.
  • Tenkai July 2013
    It must have been to long of a period since you last played
  • Zuul_II August 2013
    Don't suppose Zuul_II is still in game database for recovery, I did ask a while back but you must of been busy, I'm back playing this game from quite a long time away as Zuul_IV and loving the updates, but nowhere near my old char on the leaderboard. Any chance I can get my old character back Petar??
  • Zuul_II August 2013
    I also donated £20 on my Zuul_ II account aswell so even if my old character is gone for good could i please have supporter status on Zulu_IV instead?
  • Zuul_II August 2013
    Zuul_ IV I mean, lol
  • pjuros August 2013
    Accounts with supporter status NEVER get deleted, so Zuul_II is still in database (check mail for recovery key). Cause you donated such big amount I will transfer donation to your new account. BR