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Battle tactics
  • Lightblade June 2011
    Okay, in the woot thread, I mentioned figuring out who the enemies decide who to hit. I have tested this theory several times, and it has proven true time and time again. I've gone from 5-6 fights per day to over 10.
    I don't login every hour. I only login 2-3 times per day. This accomplishes two things: 1) I have TONS of moves when I log in, so I can collect SEVERAL items and fights, and 2) I get a lot of my natural healing, so I use WAY less pots. That's how I was getting 5-6 fights before this system. It really does matter. *stepping off soap box*
    This tactic will work in EVERY fight, regardless of how often you login. (Keep in mind, this does not apply to ranged enemies...if I figure them out, I will post here.)
    In any combat field, group your melee fighters together in a line. Make sure your swordman is at the TOP of the line. I usually try to have my capeman middle, and knife-guy bottom. Enemies will ALWAYS hit up-left if the option is available. The reason you want cape man middle is if you are in a field where 2-3 enemies can face off with you, is because the enemy at the bottom will hit your middle fighter, and his defence is exceptional. The idea here, is you use your swordman to SOAK DAMAGE. He is your tank, and putting him at the top ensures he takes most of the lumps. I usually have to heal him 2-250 hp after any fight, depending on what I'm fighting.
    As for skills that help this layout: Max attack, max defence, max melee resist. (You take FAR more hits from melee attackers than ranged, making melee resist much more useful than ranged) and finally, max luck. I am able to kill a golem or mammoth in one round (assuming I can clear the ranged in rd 2, and it doesn't get the first move)
    Basically, if your 3 melee are lined up, make sure the top fighter is your swordman. He needs to take 90% of the damage, as he has 700 hp.

    Like I say, I've gone from 5-6 to over 10 fights per day with this tactic. Do with this information what you will, but hopefully, this will help you maximise your turns>experience ratio. (My average xp per move now is roughly 5 xp per step)

    Any comments are gladly welcomed.
  • twitch_lol June 2011

  • BrandenF June 2011
    Dragon pecker!!!!!!!!!

  • Koiteth June 2011
    How do you get your units lined up before the mob start hitting them?
  • BrandenF June 2011
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  • Lightblade June 2011
    Everyone has 2 moves (except the knifeman, and his extra move makes a huge difference if he moves first)
    You have to plan on where everyone needs to be when the melee starts. Immediately start moving your guys to their locations. (The line is vertical. Think of it a a defense wall for your ranged fighters) in about 5-10% of setups, I had to FINISH moving in round 2, but you still get the first hit. (Unless you are fighting a vulture or eagle) the bridge is obviously the best advantage, because after the ranged fighters go down, ONLY your swordman gets hit, but in the forest or graveyard, set up in the lower half of the battlefield. (The graveyard seems like it would be better to close gaps, creating a bridgelike scenario, but that just divides your hitters.)
    You want to focus ALL of your damage on ONE monster at a time. Removing a damage-dealer is important...similar to killing brown spiders first at earlier levels, simple because it removes an attacker in one round. Once the ranged enemies are down, you can kill ANY monster (up to lv9 so far) in one round...including mammoths and golems. Your goal should be to eliminate anything that can hit your capeman (cape in the middle scenario) immediately. You want your swordman to be the ONLY one being hit. Healing one unit is FAR better than healing several.
  • Lightblade June 2011
    Of course, if you have the Dragon Pecker, and CockHat, it doesn't can eliminate any enemy in one hit, so dividing your troops is fine. :-D
  • Yarix June 2011
    I disagree (not about the cockhat ofcourse, BF gave me one for free) but about only wanting to heal one unit. Having multiple units to heal means that the heal skill gets used to its fullest. I can heal each unit for 254/day. If their health is full, this gets wasted
  • twitch_lol June 2011
    Agreed I like to try to divid up who takes that damage so I can take dvantage of the natrual heal. And ur strat will change a lot in the upper lvls when u have 2 or 3 mobs at one time that can move 4 spaces and the super lucky dog that crits everytime or dodges every other. The best thing to do I spread out ur damage taken so u can get ur natrual and moving heal bonus.
  • Xyzzy June 2011
    I usualy line them up using whatever barriers available to isolate the enemy units. Its good to know the attack order tho. Thank you Lightblade.
  • Xyzzy June 2011
    Typically I step my melee units out one step leaving what ever gaps already present between my units on 1st turn. Then respond accordingly to enemies move. With ranged attacking units starting with enemy ranged and then moving to melee considering resistances and immunities.
  • twitch_lol June 2011
    Diddo except if on a bridge the I will move up 2 to black bridge even if I have to take first hit from a bird or dragon fly atleas its only one at a time
  • Xyzzy June 2011
    True. I go either way with that depends on the life of my units.
  • Xyzzy June 2011
    Dragon fly huh? When does that show up? At only lvl 9. Climbing the board but still comparatively low.
  • twitch_lol June 2011
    Don't remeber the exact stats but thin lvl 11 it has 4 moves doesn't hit very hard to easy kil with low health. Mobs seem to be getting a lil easier with no green spider moth or elephant. Don't know gonna start writing down all the mobs stats
  • Yarix June 2011
    The secret of the river. Oh, she is so elusive...
  • bored June 2011
    yeah i thought it was this way too, but after I thought this was the case where it would majority of the time attack top down.. they stopped, and it went to all over the place again... i also thought it always attacked/followed the "closest" mob to their mob. so if my knifeman was 3 steps and all south, but my other guys were 2 steps in and all north, all the mobs would go south.
  • I also believe you have to spread damage to take advantage of heal. I'd really like to get my ranged hit more often, because they have full health most of the time. Has anyone an idea how to do that?
  • Yarix June 2011
    Not moving the melee units (or moving one unit forward and then back again in the same turn) usually does the trick
  • thorg June 2011
    I like to keep at least one fighter low on HP, like cannon fodder.
    I like losing one fighter per battle.
    It's usually near the end of the battle and won't affect the outcome.
    Here's why; if a unit has only 20 HP left and gets hit for a hundred, that's 80 HP I don't have to heal.
    Of course this tactic can back fire if you lose him to soon.
  • This strategy does not work for me at all, enemies usually hit knife guy or capeman regardless of where I place 3 melee chars. My strat is too come into battle mostly if not fully healed and skip first round of movement for melee chars and use archer and mage to attack the same enemy range char in hopes to get rid of 1 in first round to lessen damage taken. Round 2 I move in for attack with melee and have range concentrate on next range enemy (if there is one). Same strat for every battle and never lost one 179/0
  • jamespremo March 2012
    I've found a very usefully tactic for the bridge battle map. If you place your melee fighters on either the top or bottom of the map right next to the water. Any opposing melee unit will move back and forth on the opposite side of the river as if they were blocked by the river and there was no bridge. The only exception to this that I've found is if a unit starts its turn diagonally adjacent to the edge of the bridge it will start across. If this happens ranged units should be able to kill it before it gets to close. One blind spell is all I ever have to use to avoid taking any damage at all on this map.
  • Tenkai March 2012
    Glad you brought this tactic back up for all the new players. Many don't know of it
  • Rook_McCoy March 2012
    Also, on the graveyard battlemap if you move your melee to the very bottom, two steps out, next to the two headstones, the opposing melee will bunch up just like the bridge battlemap
  • Tenkai March 2012
    It works for every map. You have to know the choke points
  • valjean March 2012
    Reading through this post... I forgot all about the dragonfly that started with four moves... I remember thinking "wow. This makes the game hard now."

    sigh... how young and naive we were...
  • Tentacle March 2012
    I guess the update will render this thread useless and we have to start a new one...
  • kariskakaris March 2012
    I hate the dragonfly. He is hard to trap. Also on the bridge map I try to trap the same way. So once I get all ranged attackers out of the way. I will skip my players so that only my hurt units attack. It. Can be a lot of free health.Also first I've seen this thread. Ranged units r tricky but they will attack bottom unit that stays in the back line unless u have a mellee unit up top which if u pull him out 2 spaces he will be attacked esp if u keep him up top. If u experiment a lil bit on each map you can figure out that there r exceptions to the rule