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character appearance
  • natio360 May 2011
    I was thinking about how on the map each player looks the same so maybe have different appearances according to what you have equipped and also thought about being able to have other players as friends so like you can do in game chat and able to buy things off other players and maybe even fight together
  • Koiteth May 2011
    I know the Developer has asked, on a few other discussions, for people to do design work. Definitely contact Petar if you can help. One of the best features of this game is the developer considers all suggestions!
  • natio360 May 2011
    Okay cool thanks do you know how I can contact him
  • Koiteth May 2011
    Click "about" on the opening page for his email address. I think its
  • pjuros May 2011
    Yes, i'm looking for help regarding graphic design. Send me email with suggestion and we can work something out.
  • natio360 May 2011
    Already did but I'm not to sure how I can help I don't really know anything about programming
  • Yarix June 2011
    But can you draw? I think Petar is especially looking for someone to help him with the multitude of graphics
  • pjuros June 2011
    yes, I'll code everything, you just need to do 32x32 pixel images :-)
  • twitch_lol June 2011
    Tel me hat software to use and I will help too. Photoshop?
  • natio360 June 2011
    Okay well ill give it a try but a can't promise very good results and what will I need? As in do I need photoshop or pencil, paper and a scanner?