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equipment names
  • I've seen different equipment with the same name. Post all kind of ideas to names for different equipment. Also type which gear. Example:

    Dragon pecker:weapon

    This dragon pecker thing is kind of popular here so it would be fun if petar ads a weapon named like that :)
  • BrandenF May 2011
    <----- trend setter
  • Dragon Scale: Shield or armor
    Demon Skull: Helm
    Dragon Tooth: Sword
    Icarus Boots: (self explanatory. ;-) - should have crazy stamina bonus)
    Demon Ribs: Armor
    Dragon Pecker: (shoots yellow lazers!)
    Bat Cowl: Helm
    Lantern Ring: Weapon OR shield - interchangeable (or ring, when magic comes into play)
    Alien Tentacle: Weapon (whip)
    Bunny ears: helm (high luck bonus)
    Loafers: shoes
    Dragon Wing: shield or armor
    Wirt's leg: weapon (1 luck, 1 attack)
    Magneto's Helmet: self explanatory (should give ranged and mele resist)
    Cats Paw: shoes (high stamina regen)
    Practice Stick: weapon (1 attack)
    Orc hide: armor
    Pirate Hat: helm (high luck)
    Dinosaur bone: weapon
    Ummmm.......there's some ideas.

    Oh, did I mention Dragon Pecker? That should be a super bad ass sword.
  • BrandenF May 2011
    Wirts leg rofl. Pro
  • Koiteth May 2011
    Orc hide . . .ewwwe!
  • Koiteth May 2011
    Unicorn horn: weapon
    Ruby slippers: gives cape guy an additional move
    stone shield: gives mage 100% resistance from all ranged unit
    Big Stick: weapon (3att 2 melee res)

    Dragon scale should have high resist from dragon fireballs (there will be fire breathing dragons, yes?)
  • Yarix May 2011
    The iccarus boots should dissolve when you make to many moves at once...
  • Lol
  • I like the ideas koiteth has...we need unique equipment that does different things, not just stat boosting. Things that give us abilities we can use....maybe X times per day, or something.... I like my stat boosters, but giving the capeman extra moves, or maybe a hit-n-run for knife-guy. Hit, then move instead of move then hit. Teleport ability for the mage, tree climbing for the archer (can't be targetted for two combat rounds)....
  • Koiteth May 2011
    I like that idea to be able to hit then move.

    Reactive shield: lets the shield holding unit stronger when attacked.
    Reflective shield: throws the shot back to the unit that attacked you.
  • Just wanna say: Petar, you rock! Obviously, not all of our ideas can make it into the game, but I love the fact that we get to be so involved in the direction the game is going. Its awesome that we have such an active community, and a devoted developer who actually listens to us. You rock, Petar! ^:)^
  • Koiteth May 2011
    Beautifully said Lightblade! You do rock Petar! Time to make another paypal donation. 8->
  • Mad man's axe: +attk - def
    Light cape: +healing + melee evade
    Spiked shield: + def, maybe 6dmg for attacker if own unit is attacked.
    Lazy cape - stamnia + heal
    Sloppy sandals: +1 Stamnia
  • Xyzzy May 2011
    You could run through the elements:
    Earth shield
    Flame sword
    Wind shoes
    And the variations:
    Maybe even some admantuim.
    Just some general ideas.
  • BrandenF May 2011
    Dragon pecker
  • Growing dragon pecker! It grows as u lvl +1 attack per lvl
  • BrandenF May 2011
    I bet its already implemented as a lvl 20 item
  • Lightblade June 2011
    No, it's probably only obtainable from killing a dragon. (Hurry with the dungeons! Lol) although, the cockhat is probably a lv20. (:
  • Yarix June 2011
    And great players like me get the hat for free
  • Yarix June 2011
    Ruby necklace (L20): 16 hlth
    Silver ring (L20): 16 hlth

    Ok, I admit, I found them here:

    Hope these are concept only, I'm expecting items a little more powerfull, but nice to know things are on their way
  • Note the Elf Master! Preview on unit leveling?
  • Yarix June 2011
    Good catch, I hadn't seen that one. You might be right, his dmg range is 70-90, 10 more then normal so he could have leveled...
  • nyteshaid June 2011
    Skywalker's saber = reflects enemy ranged attack back to them
  • Yarix June 2011
    Considering that there is a medusa enemy unit a mirror shield would be appropriate...
  • BrandenF June 2011
    Dragon pecker god damnit
  • Koiteth June 2011
    Mirror Mask: either reflects whatever is lobbed at you and make your dragon pecker look twice it's size-making the enemy runaway in fear. Lol
  • Caesar June 2011
    Phoenix Talon:weapon
    Phoenix Eye:necklace
    Karura Helm
    Dragon Eye:necklace
    Wasp Helm
    Thunder Hammer
    Avenger Sheild:raises def after party member has fallen in battle