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Is the game over or has it just begun? (not a spam post)
  • Looking at the forums one might conclude that the game is dead. Missing Petar, stagnant world, and spam-filled forum might seem to the untrained eye to be the end of life as we know it. I, however, see it differently. If one draws biblical comparisons, this is only the BEGINNING of life. The creator has left us to fend for ourselves. Evil meant to confuse and demoralize us has set upon us. Instead of despair, we should feel renewed. Peter has left us a world to live in. A paradoxical world; one that cannot exist without him yet one that he is no longer part of, beset on all sides from evil yet it can never truely upset the world. We shall build monuments to the creator who made us then left us to go into the world on our own!
  • pjuros June 2013
    Update will be released very soon and forum cleaning is on the way.