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Dragon collector RGP v0.63 - market release
  • pjuros May 2011
    Version 0.63 released on Android market. Added "Recover player" option in "Settings", menu navigating bug removed and improved battle engine. Players now can recover their character after reinstalling phone OS or move their character to new phone. Warning: game recoverings are counted, so don't abuse them.
  • Yarix May 2011
    Brrr, not sure if I like an "improved battle engine"... scary :-S
  • pjuros May 2011
    Nothing major, some background counters changed, AI is still same.
  • Yarix May 2011
    Phew :)
  • Vincendra May 2011
    Man yarix how do u manage to exp that fast O_O ?
  • Vincendra May 2011
    And @ petar: for the next update, could you add a link to the new site to the start page ? Like in "about", but there is just a link to your old site. Would be awesome.
  • Yarix May 2011
    Luck & dedication ;)
  • Think he meant to say luck and "donation"

  • Yarix May 2011
    Well, I did enter my player info whilst donating, but the enemy still seems to be hurting me as always :(
  • Vincendra May 2011
    How dare they? They shall obey your will and drop dead granting exp. without even fighting! This is blasphemy!!
  • Vincendra May 2011
    Also reposting my idea. ( couldn't find it ) :

    Is there a possibility to add an item at the shop to reset skillpoints?

    Like: Book of oblivion: reset your skillpoints. You may contribute them again in another way.
    Cost: 100-150 gold. Only purchaseable in shop.

    Would appreciate :)
  • Eightz May 2011
    Thank you for the recover player. I just used it and it worked!!!