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Movement bonus
  • Things are getting close to being perfect as far as items on the map goes!

    Something that I think would improve game play and amount of time playing with out throwing it out of balance would be and item on the mape that gave u a few extra moves. I though about this a few different ways to make ppl wanna collect it.

    Idea #1 white bottle
    A basic item that would just appear on map and if pick up would give u 5-10 turns.

    #2 bananas
    Put a banana on the map and when u get it u get 50 food and 1-10 turns

    #3 stars
    Simple just add a turn bonus to the stars so that u get like 1-5 turns per star.

    Just 3 quick ideas that would give ppl more play time without throwing things out of balance
  • BrandenF May 2011
    Mmmm banana!
  • Olad May 2011
    That's a good idea!
  • DryIce May 2011
    I like the game balance right where it is now. I can log in for a few min every hr or so and play. The game is very fun challenging and addicting as it is now. Instead of adding options for more turns just be more tactical with the turns you get.
  • Or stamina pots :p
  • Ty! Cross ur fingers and hope petar agrees
  • I don't think it should be a collectable item that would unbalance things a lil. It should be a small bonus not a big bonus.

    Out of the 3 ideas which do ppl think is best?

    I like the bananas
  • Gogan May 2011
    Like the idea .. But The movement bonus should not b 2 big ... Like the coins just 1-2 movement
  • Yarix May 2011
    Yes, for moves>4 it will always be unbalancing. Now, if I see a star or a health, I need to choose. If I see extra moves I will *always* go for it (and then collect the rest)
  • Which is y I think it should be combined with something else like food! If not and it is only 4 turns then it wouldn't be worth getting
  • Koiteth May 2011
    I'm for bananas!
  • Yarix May 2011
    But isn't the chest doing that?
  • Koiteth May 2011
    I've only received equipment from the chests. Usually lower lvl too.
  • Silenz May 2011
    I get alot of low level equipment and some times a potion from chests.
  • Yarix May 2011
    Yeah, I get a variable yield as well but I have an occasional woot moment too (stamina potions, both small and medium and today my aluminium boots...)
  • Yeah u can get staminia from it but I like playing so much I want more!

    I had a woot moment to with a chest! Full metal helm
  • BrandenF May 2011
    So far today I think I've got 2 med stamina, 1 small hp from chests. No equipment lol